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I'll Call You Right Back Podcast

Sep 28, 2023

This week, I welcome back one of my favorite people. Michael Patrick is a fantastic artist and tattooist that resides in the little town of Dormont. Michael and I have known each other for a little over a decade now and I’ve been lucky enough to sit in his chair for a number of hours over the years. Dearly Beloved...

Sep 14, 2023

This week, I welcome a Flight Attendant into the studio to tell me all about the in’s and out’s of life in the sky! This particular Flight Attendant requested he remains anonymous to avoid any disturbances with his company so that is why you’re seeing this fabulous photo I found in the interwebs. This week, the...

Sep 7, 2023

This week, I welcome Nick Ruble into the studio to talk about his life. Nick Ruble is a travel, outdoorsman, climber, artist, and all around great human being.
I met Nick through mutual friends and started following his page. His page mainly consisted of these wild pictures of him and his friends hanging off of the...