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I'll Call You Right Back Podcast

Jan 19, 2023

This week, I sit down with the woman behind PGH Candle. Kayla Heffernan is a professional in the art of ‘Wax Alchemy’ and has been providing our city with some of the best Soy Wax Candles you can find on the market. I first found out about PGH Candles back in 2017 when I was getting married. I ordered her candles to put in my groomsman boxes. I’ve been a returning customer ever since. Before candles, Kayla’s life revolved around the Food and Beverage world. For years, she worked in restaurants and bars until she was realized she wanted more. That’s when she quit her job and started pushing pounds of Wax & Wicks. This week, we talk about everything from how she decided to make candles, refining her recipe, her eye for branding, and so much more. Another great episode with another person doing good stuff for the city. Enjoy the episode and always remember to ‘Burn Local.’

'Burn Local' with PGH Candle




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