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I'll Call You Right Back Podcast

Jul 21, 2022

Out of 213 episodes, it’s always hard to choose my favorite. People always ask “Which one should I check out first?” and I always had a tough time answering. After this week, it’s now an easy choice. This is it.
This week, I sit down with John Schalcosky or as most of yinz know him, Odd Pittsburgh. Odd Pittsburgh is described to be “Dedicated to exploring all of the unusual, mysterious & forgotten history of Pittsburgh lost in time.” When you look at Odd Pittsburgh, you’ll quickly see he does just that. This week, John and I sit down for the longest episode to date. We talk about everything from the mysterious B25 Bomber supposedly sitting in the bottom of the river, to Pittsburgh being the birth place of professional hockey, to the origin of our rivers, and literally so much more. Aliens, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Giants — you name it! An absolutely wild ride of a conversation and I couldn’t be more excited to drop it. Yinz are gonna love it. Enjoy!






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