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I'll Call You Right Back Podcast

Jul 7, 2022

This week, I have the honor of sitting down with the one and only, Mr. Rick Sebak. Rick Sebak is a Public Television Producer, writer, narrator, and exceptional human being. Without naming all his credits, you might know him best from his work in ‘A Hot Dog Program,’ ‘PA Diners & Other Roadside Restaurants,‘ or forever loved ‘Kennywood Memories.’ Today, Rick celebrated 35 years with WQED. I can’t put into words several decades of great work so I’m not going to try. This week, we talk about a plethora of things! Rick tells about keeping busy during a pandemic, Pittsburgh being the Transplant capital of the world at one point, George Romeros connection with Fred Rodgers, his health and making better choices, Kennywood, and so much more. Then after we recorded, Rick took me for a ride in his Mini Cooper. Never would have thought this podcast would lead me to taking a joyride with Mr. Rick Sebak. Just thankful for the opportunities given. Enjoy!






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